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Originally Posted by Fcnismo View Post
I don't think the rs400 would be a big seller simply due to price and the 2.0 is a bit under power so I think the 3.0 300hp would be key now the question I ask is weather it's worth getting if you have the 15 3.7 or just be satisfied knowing your not missing much
To justify the RS400 depends on a lot (what your budget is, how you drive, where you drive, etc., etc., etc.). Infiniti essentially structured the 2016 lineup as follows:

Q50 2.0t vs. BMW 320i
Q50 3.0t vs. BMW 328i
Q50 RS400 vs BMW 340i

Now, if you're looking at getting a Q50, theres a few things to consider. Right now, the 2015's are apparently blowing out of showrooms at rock bottom prices so it may seem appealing. But does the current setup fit your needs? Infiniti restructured some packages for the new model year, like I believe now you can get stuff like adaptive cruise control and blind spot warning in a driver's assistance package, not only in Technology. Power adjustable steering wheel and seat memory is now in Premium Plus with stuff like Navigation, not Deluxe Touring like it had been. FWIW, I saw my dealer had a 2016 2.0t Q50 AWD with the Premium Plus package and sticker was around 45k. It all comes down to what you're looking for and if what's around fits what you want. I like that some of the driver assistance tech is now in less expensive packages, but I'm not sold if I would have gotten it. Personally, I like driving so having a Q50S with Navigation and Deluxe Touring has been a great combination for me. Are the driving aids nice to have? Absolutely, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. Just wish they would have decided to add remote start in 2015 and not a year later (NJ winters are not my thing). My dealer is 10 minutes away and I talk to my old coworkers there so I usually find out when the new stuff comes in so I can take a look at what comes out and stay up to date. Some call it being a bit obsessive, I call it being passionate about a brand I worked for and admire

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