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Originally Posted by miccris93 View Post
-3.7 liter V6
-328HP/269LB-FT Torque
-Normally aspirated so no turbo lag
-High redline at 7500RPM
-Considered large for a V6
-VQ series in production since 1995 leading to the VQ37 (variants of VQ30, VQ35, etc.)

VR30 (300HP)
-3.0 liter V6
-300HP/295LB-FT Torque
-Twin turbo (Possibly slight lag, but peak torque is at a much lower RPM and stays at peak longer)
-Lower redline @ 7000RPM (I think)
-Smaller engine = less weight
-Technically is a more modern/innovative piece of engineering

Even though they're both V6 engines, they make their power differently. The VQ37 is a high revving engine that uses technology like VVEL to keep the torque curve and power delivery "flat", but the peak torque isn't until a relatively high RPM. On the VR30 peak torque is, I think, around 1500RPM so it will probably be more ideal for around town driving where you want extra grunt than a power band that really winds out. For things like 0-60, I feel like they will be similar since what the VQ misses off the line in torque can be made up in top-end horsepower (28 more horsepower but 26 less lb-ft). I'll be keeping my VQ37-powered Q50 since I absolutely love this engine. I like how high revving it is, how intoxicating the exhaust is with the sport muffler, and just that the VQ is so proven that it can take some "abuse" and still be bulletproof reliable. I am interested in comparing them so I'll be keeping in touch with my dealer for when they come in. As for the RS400, I'm sure it's awesome but it's just not necessary in NJ where my commute is almost guaranteed to be traffic at some point. 328hp is enough to get me in trouble anyway
This right here. The VQ's have been tried and tested as well as proven a lot over the years. Turbo engines are in my opinion a bit more sensitive and probably a bit more to maintain. For example, I don't think it would matter much if you missed filling up premium in the VQ but a turbo lacking premium fuel will likely feel it immediately.

I had the option to wait a couple months for the new engines, but when I found out they were going turbo, I almost instantly made my decision on purchasing the 2015, plus all the awesome incentives and savings made it a must buy. My Maxima had an engine from the same family line, albeit a 3.5 VQ and that thing not once gave me an issue, even after owning for 10 years and 350,000 km (original owner) when it was sadly written off.

Lastly, I was at the dealer grabbing touch up paint last week and the 2.0t was on the floor. It was stickered at 48k CAD which seemed rather high to me, especially since it was sitting on 17" wheels meaning its likely not even a loaded model. So essentially, the turbos are a new "mid gen" vehicle. Even if I were to buy one, I would have likely waited a couple years before purchasing a new gen vehicle.

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