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The VQ3.7 is a very capable motor.

Going NOS/FI (properly tuned) and running stock internals yeilds; NOS-420hp/390tq, SC-500hp/400tq and TT-+650hp/+500tq at the wheels.

Running the VQ3.7 N/A (properly tuned) with HFC and CBE yeilds 330hp/270tq at the wheels getting nearly 13 seconds flat in the 1/4mile, lower diff might crack 12s.

Why do I need to trade my 1-2year old 3.7 Q50 and give the dealer 10-15k in trade loss?

This new 2016 3.0tt will not be as easy to upgrade out of the gate.

Aside from waiting on tuning, the turbos look to be permanently attached the heads. Normal boost upgrades by changing turbos (where you get the biggest performance increases) are going to be alot more complicated and costly than other turbo motors.

You have a lot more options with the 3.7 in my opinion.

If I reinvest the 10-15k on the 3.7 you will be way ahead of the 2016 option.

2014 Infiniti Q50S
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