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Default Q50 3rd Most Stolen New Car - New Report shows

Here are the top 20 vehicles for whole-vehicle theft insurance claim frequency (model years 2016-18)
  1. Dodge Charger HEMI
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  3. Infiniti Q50 4-door
A ranking released Thursday of new cars, trucks and SUVs that have the highest rate of whole-vehicle insurance claims lists the Dodge Charger HEMI and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat at the top, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).



Looks like Thieves are looking for power under the hood now a days for new cars. Taking advantage of the Infiniti program that allows you to turn on your car from the app might help in this situation as it also tells you exactly where your car is at any given moment. Thieves can of course disconnect the battery but I wonder if the system will "remember" the last point the vehicle was in before battery was disconnected unless it only checks the location once you request it on the app.

A thieves way around this, if they do it clean is to have some sort of enclosed trailer somewhat nearby. Within 30 mins of car. Drive to enclosed trailer. Disconnect battery and take it somewhere far away and remove engine. Stealing and taking to trailer could be done before an owner is aware it happened.

Sort of reminds me of this post I saw on the New Jersey subreddit. (The OP of the post, who claims those cars belong to him seems clueless on lots of things. Just a strange all together).

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