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Conversation Between JohnInNH and yardie_TT400
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  1. yardie_TT400
    12-18-2018 08:56 PM - permalink
    Thanks for the info. I did go with the resonated CBE from FI. I love the sound even with the cold start up. Sounds like a v8. I already have the catted downpipes on order from FI. Should get them the first week of January...hopefully. Glad to hear the resonation will keep the dp's in check.
  2. JohnInNH
    12-06-2018 11:00 PM - permalink
    I have the resonated X-pipe at the suggestion of Kevin at FI. I'm glad I got it. The full downpipes add volume so the resonated X-pipe keeps that in check. Cold start is a tad loud, but only lasts 30 seconds. I remote start my car and by the time i open my garage door it's not as loud.
    Interesting factoid... In standard mode the exhaust is quiter. In Sport+ it's a bit louder in the cabin. It must have something to do with the ECU programming. Timing etc.
    Unless you want a louder tone get the resonated X-pipe. I doubt you will regret it unless you like loud. I let my auto technician drive my car and got to hear him rip it down the road. It was nice and not enough to perk the cop's attention.

    IMHO the FI with catted full downpipes and resonated X-pipe is the best exhaust system you can get. Effen jewelry.
  3. yardie_TT400
    12-06-2018 10:02 PM - permalink
    Looks like you've already blazed the very same trail I plan to travel with my mods. How load is it with your FI full down pipes?
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