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Infiniti Q50 News

News and Reviews for the Infiniti Q50. Only Administrators may create new threads in this section.
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Infiniti Q50 Forum

Q50 General Discussion Forum

Please post any Infiniti Q50 related questions that do not fit another category in this section.
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Infiniti Q50 Pictures

Got some great images of your Infiniti Q50? Feel free to post them in this section.
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Q50 of the Month Contest

Q50 of the Month Contest
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Infiniti Q50 Videos

Found any or have any great video clips of your Infiniti Q50? Post them here.
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Q50 Ownership Lounge

Infiniti Q50 Versus the Competition

Ask questions about what the Q50 is like versus its competition. A great place for new car buyers to find out more about the Q50.
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Infiniti Q50 Dealers & Pricing

In the market for an Infiniti Q50? This is the forum to discuss what prices and dealers
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Infiniti Q50 Reviews

Write a review of your Infiniti Q50 here for everyone to read! Be sure to detail what you love, what you don't, and what changes you would make!
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What Did you Do to Your Q50 today

A section for Infiniti Q50 owners to share what they have done with their Q50. Start Your Build threads here.
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Infiniti Q50 Tech and Performance Section

Engine and Technical Discussion

Discussion of the Infiniti Q50 Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain.
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Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension

Discuss wheels, tires, brakes, chassis, and suspension for your Q50
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Problems & Solutions

Discuss any problems that you have had with your Infiniti Q50. Warranty, Servicing, Troubleshooting, etc.
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DIY Garage

Learn how to do-it-yourself (DYI) and help teach others. This area will help guide you on how to modify and maintain your Infiniti Q50
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Exterior and Interior

This section contains exterior/interior questions and information related to your Infiniti Q50
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Electronics, Audio, and Lighting

Sound, security, lights, gadgets... anything electrical
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Dynos and Racing

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FAQ and Troubleshooting

Discussion for diagnosis, repair, common problems and more.
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Non-Q50/60 Talk

Talk about non-Q50/60 cars in here!
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Infiniti Q50 Community

New Member Introductions

Are you new to our Infiniti Q50 forum? Post up and introduction to yourself , and meet new members in this section.
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Events and Meets

Post any Infiniti Q50 related events, or meets you may be having. Get out and enjoy the cars you love!
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Infiniti Q50 Classified Section

Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum

This section contains items you have to sell.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

This forum is for all Vendor group buys, special sales, and product announcements happening on the forums. Supporting Vendors ONLY!
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Fast Intentions Inc.

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Get Your Wheels

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HP Tuners

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Tunerz Store

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Unavi USA

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Infiniti Q50 Regions Talk to Q50 enthusiasts from your region, arrange meetings and local Q50 issues


For USA National social and meetings discussion. Includes regional sub forums
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For Canada National social and meetings discussion. Includes regional sub forums
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  1. I thought you Q50 enthusiasts would love to see this great little promo video we made for the local dealer. We used a brand new 2020 that just had the windows tinted and the seats scotch guarded for a lady with a big dog. Let us know what you think!
  2. My latest upgrades. After 1.5 years EcuTec tuned and 32,000 miles I have decided to upgrade. I waited for the AMS RS600 upgrade to become available but got tired of waiting. Their RS600 kit will be more involved than the Pure turbos. The AMS kit may be better but the Pure Stage 2 meets my...
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone tried the Trico Performance wiper blades? If so, what are your thoughts. I need to replace my blades, and it will cost $80 to have them replaced at the dealership. The Trico Performance blades are $20.95 per blade from Wiperblades USA. There are to lower priced Trico blades, but I...
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Searched for 1 hour how to do fuel filter maintenance/ replace , found only 1 video that shows how to replace fuel filter for q50 2.2d and i have 2.0t 17. Also found something that called vapor filter / filter canister which i think is the filter to my q50 but still didnt showed where its...
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