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  • fx1100 ·
    Hi Avedis53,

    It seems like you a real Q50 expert and I am hoping you can help me. I have a 2018 Q50 Redsport. The dealership replace my display control unit under warranty and both of my screens died. Nothing worked (i.e. GPS, radio, bluetooth, drive modes, etc.) but the backup camera worked. They have now returned it to me but the GPS is showing the car is stuck in 1 spot, the dealership. The banner at the bottom is reading the correct street name but the pointer is stuck. Every once in a while the map moves slightly to adjust the heading the but the location is unchanged.

    The dealership has no idea what the issue is. They tried another DCU but it still had the same problem.

    Any ideas?

    I really appreciate your help!


    quietstormq ·
    Hey sorry to bother you but I have a couple of questions and I was hoping that you could help me out. I am getting a JB4 through a shop because I am not able to get it here in San Diego being that it is not available for Cali residents. The shop is telling me that I need a heat exchanger and new intakes in order to get anything out of the JB4. Are they just trying to get me to spend more or is this the truth?
    chris shadis ·
    Hey man, Ive seen your pretty knowledgable on here so just wanted to reach out if you could give some pointers.

    I run a JB1 with +4 psi on 93 on my red sport. i was wondering if I should change any parameters for the DPW or not, as I see some people do this, and some dont.

    and also- is it worth running a BOV kit with the extra boost, or is that really just an add-on for the noise? I just want to keep my turbos as protected as I can with the extra boost in the time being.

    Thanks in advance!
    JohnInNH ·
    I didn't ask you about a coupon for a JB 1.. I asked where I could send you something I saw ... (a model of your Avatar.)
    Avedis53 ·
    Sorry I didn't see your message until now. The coupon was from the Tunerz Store. I believe it expired on 1/31. You might check them from time to time and see if they have another sale.
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