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  • quincyer ·

    I have been trying to track down some ideas on sizing and offset for my AWD Q50 and spoke to Allen @ Vossen who wasn't 100% sure on poke/inset with my setup. I am dropping the car on RSR-Down Sus and was thinking of running same size wheels at all 4 corners. I want the concave look and love the VFS2 but looks like I can safely only grab the 19x8.5 +32 without doing any other mods or fender roll etc. Do you know if I can jump up to 9 or 9.5 safely (main concern is in the front) and have the offset without hitting the strut housing/rubbing yet making it look as concave as possible? I have been looking at a bunch of websites to calculate the conversion from my current setup but I keep seeing some slick setups on this forum and elsewhere but running staggered (RWD). I am not looking to run staggered.

    amv50 ·
    Hello Diego, thanks again for your help a few months back with fitment of my CV2's on my q50. I get so many compliments on the wheels.i need the hub centric ring size or if you sell them I need a set for my CV2's on my Q50s AWD sedan. Thank you

    nyzgreatst ·

    Hope all is well. I have a specific question that I would like to ask you.

    I recently purchased a Q50S AWD and I love the CV5 wheel in Matte Graphite. I want to price out a 20" set but am having difficulty figuring out wheel size and offset. Can you help me?

    Also, I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful wheel. I traded in my '07 M35X which had 20" which had the 082's in Silver Machined. Looked beautiful.

    Thank you so much.
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