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  • accordn2ryan ·
    Thanks a lot for the information! This really helps a great deal. Infiniti Consumer Affairs said that they would call me on Monday for an update on the buyback, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Weird thing was the dealership didn't know I had contacted consumer affairs, and when I brought my car in last week, the advisor asked me if I was doing a buyback lol. I told him I'm not sure if they're doing a buyback, but I did contact consumer affairs. So I'm hoping they do buyback my Q50 since they still don't have an answer as to why my navigation screen keeps going black randomly, even after the navigation control unit was already replaced.
    CarolinaQ50 ·
    From what I understand from my dealer, iPhones have to be connected to the system using the USB cord. Apple hasn't release the info to Infiniti that will allow the iPhones to connect with the Bluetooth. This is just what I have been told, because I have an Android and can do everything using the Bluetooth connection.
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