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  • Inim Yeknom ·
    Hey Gbert15 heard you where the guy to ask about wheel fitment questions. Been doing some research lately on going with 19x9.5 +35 offset. I have a 2014 Q50 premium awd (non sport calipers) and I'm looking to go with the square setup. I really don't want to go with staggered wheels if i don't have to. If fitment goes well then I'd like to go with the rsr downs to lower 1", also want to steer clear from to much camber. The help will be much appreciated.
    Kevin Ulla ·
    Hello from NYC just received a Q50 in Red as well, I don't know what the 1st thing to do to make my car stand out, so far my ideas was tinted window, wrap the front bumper chrom trim, color paint the 2 chrome piece in at the rear with tinted taillights. I am planning getting black lug nut and the nismo license plate. In future the rear diffuser and maybe the front splitter. The front license plate wanted to know if it would look good under the bumper where the mesh is and get a tie string and strapped it on? OR would a tow hook be better?
    DKatman ·
    I have shot a few with my daughter's Nikon D5100. I was shooting in jpeg, since I just got Lightfoot today. I already did have Photoshop, but I don't know much about actually using that. It probably would have read raw images just fine too.
    DKatman ·
    I finally bought Lightroom today. It seems like there are some prebuilt filters. If you have anything to share, I would appreciate it. If you have any specific videos or references for it, I would appreciate it. I know there are a ton on YouTube and such. Thanks.
    DKatman ·
    I saw you mention Lightroom in a couple threads. I have been thinking of getting it.... but I just spent all future money on mods.... hahaha. I do have Photoshop. And, while entry level, I can always grab the Nikon 5200 I bought for my daughter some time ago. That takes decent photos.
    DKatman ·
    I had asked you a question earlier today. I went ahead and went for it. I have a lot of work being done very soon. Now I will want to learn to shoot pictures like you can. Thanks for inspiration to have fun.
    Wesley Taylor ·
    I am very confused as to which wheel size and specs to get for my q50 premium. I plan to keep it on stock suspension and going with vossen cv3 20's i want staggard but heard 10.5 on the rear stick out about half an inch on stock. i want it to be flush or inside the fender well i DO NOT want it to stick out. i also dont like even a mild 'tire stretch look'. could you give me any advice?
    Gee Q ·
    Hello from NYC,
    Need your help on a simple matter. Although we have different car models , would you know if the BC coilover BR kits, does include the extension cables or are they a separate purchase item. Also are there different length? Looking to purchase kit and I'm getting different stories from vendors. Please lmk what's included in kit/box. Appreciated.
    n_jay888 ·
    Yo G!

    How hard is it to install the rear splash guards? Also, where and how much did you get your calipers painted? Thanks

    justaf IREMAN ·

    I was wondering if you can do me a favor. I think I read somewhere that your Q is lowered 2". I want to lower mine 2" as well but I don't want to be scraping or rubbing.

    Can you give your ride clearance on the front bumper and side skirts?

    InfinitiNYC ·
    Hey qbert, here are some of the channels I follow on youtube for photography tips:
    Tony Northrup - YouTube
    Jared Polin - YouTube (for froknowsphoto you will need to go a bit back in his videos for the how to shoots)
    Gavin Hoey - YouTube
    Karl Taylor - YouTube
    Fstoppers Fans - YouTube

    Enjoy =)
    Q50sInMD ·

    I did not want to put this on blast in the forum, but that gap is not normal on my car. I just looked at my car and the rear window line follows the roof line perfectly. Hope that is a pre-production piece and they will make more adjustments.

    Looking for something on the line of this that follow the window and roof line flawlessly.

    MattJB ·
    Hi gbert. You've been seeking two-piece slotted rotors. Have you seen those from StopTech advertised by Look for Big brake Kits with the two-piece AeroRotors. Wish you well. -MattJB
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