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  • fknapp ·
    I would, but because of all of the problems with my car, Infiniti is buying it back and putting me into a 2015 Q50, only this time I upgraded it
    phyodabomb ·
    Hey, I just came across your post and saw that you got the 57Xtremes!! I got them recently too except I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit them. I got 19x9.5 +43 and the fronts don't seem to fit. I see you have 20x9.5 for the fronts and they seem to be doing OK. Not sure where I'm going wrong though. Cheers!
    MileHighQ50 ·
    First and foremost, I like what you've done with your Q; she looks clean.

    I was curious to know what Thule parts/system you have on your Infiniti. I've not come across a thread that was persuasive and/or informative enough to make me pull the trigger on a snowboard rack.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ahead of time.
    rs1985 ·
    hey man
    nice ride
    I just ordered and will get my blackie on sunday or tuesday
    can you let me know how you black out different part of your car ?
    Your car is amazing
    like if you plasti dip or vinyl on different parts ? And how much of each do you need?
    THank you for your help!
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