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  • selzini ·
    I can understand why you deleted the thread that Ralphie and I posted on, but he really hit a nerve with me. I was able to see his final response to me, and he proved my point that he thinks he's the only person in the world, thinking that no one else could possibly be out on the road in a city of 8 million people and who knows how many visitors. I went through a period of seven straight years where at least one student died - not all by crashes (I don't call them accidents, which they aren't), but most of them were. He sounds like a 12 year old (and writes like one, too), and he is definitely dangerous. Again, I apologize to the forum for posting like I did, but what I said is the truth. You do a great job with the forum, and I'm sorry for having you make some tough decisions.

    Mike Selznick
    cali_guy ·
    Hi Sinecure,

    I am in the bay area (San Jose) and I'm looking for a Q50 Premium + Navi. Would be nice to have bigger tires. You seem to have a good reputation around here about getting people good deals. I went to Stevens Creek Infiniti but I;m not convinced with their numbers. Can you help?

    sam ·
    Hey, I am located in san jose area and interested in buying the Infiniti q50 sports rwd with navigation. can you help me with what will be the lease on these. I have a good very good credit score. where are you located?
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