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  1. Q50 3.7 Oil Leak?

    Problems & Solutions
    Yeah no oil consumption at all and there is no oil physically leaking on the ground it seems like. Just the noticeable smell. I'll take the tray off this weekend and photo what I see, you guys can tell me what you think. Thanks!
  2. Headlight System Error

    Problems & Solutions
    Thanks for the replys everyone. Yeah i'm not 100 percent sure if I have adaptive headlights. They don't seem to move when I turn the wheel or adjust on startup. I have navigation but I don't think i have the tech package. Yeah I saw the youtube video when I was first researching the problem, i'd...
  3. Q50 3.7 Oil Leak?

    Problems & Solutions
    Here’s another photo.. don’t know if these help at all. The car is a 2014 q50 premium 3.7 with almost 60k on the clock.
  4. Q50 3.7 Oil Leak?

    Problems & Solutions
    Hi everyone, I’ve recently been smelling what seems to be burning oil in the cabin once the car has been running for awhile. I notice the smell more at a standstill or at lower speeds. The issue is very new. I don’t notice any oil spots when I park up at all even overnight. I got a new oil...
  5. Headlight System Error

    Problems & Solutions
    I’m just tired of seeing this warning all the time and want to somehow get rid of it.
  6. Headlight System Error

    Problems & Solutions
    Hi Everyone, new to the forum but I did search extensively on this topic. I recently acquired a 2014 q50 premium. I purchased the car from a local Ford dealer here and when first checking the car out the instrument cluster has been showing a headlight system error warning. I eventually decided...
  7. Installing foot-well ambient LED lighting strips, where to tap for power?

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Any updates on this?? I want to add LED footwell lights too.
1-7 of 7 Results