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  1. Higher rear end Q50 Hybrid

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Just get rsr superdowns and only install the front. Your front bumper will be eating the ground but you'll get the look you're desiring and probably gain 500-1000 lbs of downforce because of the angle
  2. UpRev tune for Q50 3.5 V6 Hybrid

    Up Rev
    So recently i've been poking around at this topic because i'm looking to squeeze a little more power out of my car. I stumbled upon this website claiming to have a tune for 30 extra hp and 60 more NM of torque. Seems like a reputable site but I didn't go through the trouble of making an account...
  3. August 2019 QOTM Entries

    Q50 of the Month Contest
    Mods (Basically all Aesthetic): Gloss black roof wrap CF roof spoiler and trunk lid spoiler CF Skirts and rear apron skirts Polyurethane front splitter (STILLEN style) and rear diffuser (I painted them semi gloss black) EAU Rouge gloss black front grille LED smoked rear reflectors Full...
  4. AWD high temperature stop car warning light

    Q50 General Discussion Forum
    GG my hybrid acts up the same way every time i’ve tried a brake launch. Even in the middle of winter in Hamilton. Sad days not being able to properly launch our cars 😞
  5. Post A Picture Of Your Q50

    Infiniti Q50 Pictures
    Not quite done my mods yet but here she is
  6. I want to buy Sport Exhaust Kit B0100-Q50SM (new or used)

    Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I’ll be honest I have a muffler delete and my air intake shroud removed and the car sounds stupid nice. Add 4.5” chrome tips and I always get people asking me what exhaust system I bought. IMO the bolt on system not worth the money you spend when you can do custom exhaust work for less and get a...
  7. Carbon mods

    Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Sounds good!! I usually reach a lotta sauga meets and I’ve been to 2 in Vaughn so I’ll let you know
  8. Carbon mods

    Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Haha I know but I doubt they do anything, I’m setting up my car to be more looks than performance ATM
  9. Quality carbon parts

    Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, just wanted to give a plug for some quality real cf parts. On eBay look for the seller Aeronine2. Just got a full aero kit for basically cheaper than most other ABS or polyurethane Kits. I’ll be posting pictures of my car if...
  10. Anyone roll with this off?

    Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I wanna try to drive with it off after seeing boost in motion’s yt video, he drives with it off. Apparently yeah it’s louder but cooling system will have to work harder.
1-10 of 10 Results