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  1. Problems & Solutions
    Hi all, I just took my Q50 into the dealership because my driver seat hasn’t been able to move forward or back for awhile now. They said that it’s an issue with the motor that isn’t covered under the warranty and they will have to replace the whole chair for $2900. I’ve seen several people have...
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So the car is going to be a 2014 Infiniti S Q50 hybrid 3.5L V6 with 16,245 Miles 1.Can you replace one battery at a time if one battery in the hybrid system were to fail? 2.My manufacturer warranty is up in 1 year I believe for a hybrid battery replacement is this true? 3.Is the cost of the...
  3. Hybrid
    First time poster. I've got a 2014 Q50 S Hybrid, who's engine light came on last week. Dealership tells me the battery needs to be replaced, due to "internal resistance." Was quoted about $14,000 for the replacement, and was wondering if anyone had run into this same issue and their experience?
  4. Problems & Solutions
    Greetings all! Wanted to see if anyone has experienced the following as I'm trying to track if this is a safety issue with vehicle or an isolated incident. About three weeks ago, my vehicle would not start (just dead completely). Called roadside assistance and they used a portable battery pack...
  5. Hybrid
    Hey first time posting , i see a few different points about spring rate , i am wondering if anyone knows how to find out the OEM spring rate for a 2014 Q50 hybrid sport AWD ? i am going with bc coilovers with a custom spring rate once i know the numbers the bc's coming with 10 in the front and...
  6. Hybrid
    so I just got this car 2 months ago and it’s never seen winter from its previous owners, when driving one day chassis error message popped out and multiple lights came on then car only rides on the ev battery, could it be one of the abs sensors? I really hope it’s nothing in my trans, I ran a...
1-6 of 6 Results