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    Hello! I am thinking of doing a muffler delete on my 2015 3.7 Q50s AWD, and was wondering if it will turn in the check engine light after it is done.. Also, if anyone has had a muffler delete done to their car, is it worth it? And is there anything I should do specifically? Thanks in advance :)
  2. 3.7
    Are you able to update your software to give your premium the software that allows modifying the transmission/steering etc vs only engine. Any input is appreciated.
  3. Q50 Parts
    Looking to sell my Rev9 axle-back exhaust. Its brand new. Bought it but ended up moving and it was kept in storage. Now I'm selling my car so don't need it anymore. Its brand new, never mounted. Asking $320, local pick up in Long Island, NY
  4. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I recently purchased a 2015 Q50s and I really love it. I bought it used for a really good price and there are only a few blemishes. One of which is a crack on the rear left tail light. I personally really care about the looks of head and tail lights and thought that the 2018-2020 tail light...
1-4 of 4 Results