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  1. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone wondering if anyone could help me out real quick. i have a AWD 16 red sport with stillen CBE AMS HEX AMS LDP Stillen CAI. I was thinking about a tune but wasn’t sure if I’m ready for it, it’s a bit pricey and I started school again so not working as much so I was thinking about the...
  2. 3.0t
    Hello everyone I’m new to the community and I came on here hoping some of you have some knowledge on what’s going on with my car. my car makes a squealing noise from what sounds like the driver side engine bay when I accelerate hard around 3k-4K. If I slowly ease into it the noise won’t appear...
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I remote started my 2016 q50 RS bcuz it’s a hot day and I got in it started it and I was driving normally went to go pick up some speed and my car didn’t pick up much speed I realized it was my turbos they didn’t kick in I pulled over turned off my car and turned it back on and they were working...
  4. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I live in a state where 93 Octane is readily available at almost every pump. A person I know with a Q60 says he is able to run 21 PSI on 93, but he has a fairly newer model, so I am not trusting his experience. Can someone who has put a few thousand miles on 93 tell me what your max SAFE PSI is...
  5. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Was looking to install a aftermarket spoiler on my redsport but it already has the oem spoiler on it ....I want to remove it but wanted to know if anyone knows whether it’s just held down by 3m tape or is It bolted down to the trunk as well ?
  6. Problems & Solutions
    I recently been having a awd error light, awd high temperature light and abs light malfunction warning on my dash screen of my 2016 q50 redsport . What is causing this and is there a quick fix for this or do i have to bring it to the dealer and have the sensors replaced ?
1-6 of 6 Results