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  1. 3.0t
    My q50 is a 2017 Rs with 52k miles and out of no where my front camera went black and had this static black blurr but my rear camera works fine. Has anyone ever had this issue and found a solution? My rear did go black but came back with these blue box with a X in the middle but works good now...
  2. 3.0t
    Hello friends! I need some advice. I have a 2019 Q50 silver sport AWD with 58k miles. I have extended warranty. I have had zero engine or turbo issues so far. I still owe about 18k on my loan but I was thinking about paying it outright because I wanted to ship my car out of the U.S. How often do...
  3. 3.0t
    I recently got my car tuned by Z1xEcutek and my tuner advised me that i had air bubbles or an air bubble in my cooling system as my water pump cycle was reading 88%, i took it in and got my system rebled. it worked for about an hour or 2 and then went from 38 right back up to 88. My tuner isn’t...
  4. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    just recently installed jb1 on my q50 everything was running good till i started doing runs on a local cruise here, i then pulled into a parking lot and let the car idle and chill for a while but 5 minutes after parking it throws a warning malfunction and throws me into limp mode? it resets...
  5. 3.0t
    I know I’m a dumbass but I recent got my engine replaced and I drove the car for 5 days and checked the engine bay. Looked at the coolant levels and the turbo coolant was empty. Normal after a engine replacement if the system wasn’t burped. I then, like a dumbass, filled the reservoir with...
  6. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I bought a 2018 q50 luxe around august 2021. I got full down pipes, bov, ams heat exchanger, muffler delete and ecutek dyno tune making around 430 wheel 500 lb/ft tq. I have three maps my first map which is nothing, map 2 is the flame map and the third map is the pop/burble. One day i’m driving...
  7. 3.0t
    selling used jb4 for 250 obo lmk only getting rid of it cause i am tuned in ecutek now
  8. 3.0t
    Not too long ago the engine on my Q50 failed. Now I want to replace it myself since it's not under warranty anymore. I have been looking online for a replacement VR30ddtt engine but all I can seem to find are 2017-2019 AWD VR30s. Is there really a difference between the 2020 AWD VR30 and the...
  9. New 2014+ Q50 Vehicle Sales
    SOLD I am selling my 2018 Infiniti Q50 Luxe 3.0T. It has the 3.0 liter V6 with twin turbos. Black leather interior. The engine was just replaced with one with only 15,000 miles. It also has a 12 month warranty on the new engine. Dunlop sport tires are about 1/2 tread or a little less...
    $18,900 USD
  10. Q50 Parts
    Perfect for quick gains and easy to take off for warranty or returning your lease. Would prefer someone local to south Florida to educate and install but willing to ship via PayPal goods and service. This was used prior on my 2017 Q50 Redsport, feel free to make an offer!!
    $400 USD
  11. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2017 q50 3.0 and I was looking to get the ark grip exhaust on it. The 3.0 version with no resonators scares me a little bit as I really don’t want any drone. Has anyone put the 3.7 ark with the resonators on a 3.0? How would drone be with and without lower downpipes?
  12. Q50 Parts
    Used set of HKS SSQV blowoff valves. Items in photos are all the parts included in the sale. That includes the adaptors, couplers, clamps, vacuum lines, tees, and vacuum filter discs. $425 obo, prefer local sales but will ship on buyer's dime.
    $425 USD
  13. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Can anyone tell me if a 2014 Q50 driver front window regulator will fit my 2016 Q50s?
  14. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello, I recently purchased an Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 that has been lightly modified, but it's wrecked (front left to be exact) I have been nonstop communicating with Infiniti, requested multiple diagrams, tried doing research, etc. However, I cannot find the wiring for my front...
  15. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Looking to get the Hemholtz axleback but I know Plm and Infiniti has one. They look the same but Infiniti’s is priced almost $500 more than the Plm. Is there a sound, quality, or visual difference? Thanks
  16. Q50 Parts
    I’m looking to buy an Infiniti Hemholtz axleback. Specifically the Infiniti one with “Infiniti” imprinted on the tips, not interested in the Plm Hemholtz. Price is negotiable. Thanks I will only send money over sites that offer buyer protection. I will not use zelle, cashapp, or venmo for payments
    $400 USD
  17. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone ran this exhuast? I had my eyes on it back when I had my g35 but I can’t find many videos of the 3.0t still mostly the 3.7 and it’s hard to justify the cost without more insight if it’s worth it or not.
  18. Q50 Parts
    These are oem paddles. I bought them from someone else and they bolted right in to my 2017 q50 silver sport. Not much wear on them, had them for about 10k miles I did break one of the tabs on the leather trim insert pieces when removing. Still sits in place just fine. Mine did not require any...
    $400 USD
  19. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I’m coming up on 30,000 miles on my Q50 and I’ve done an oil change, air filter change, and transmission fluid change. I was quoted about $582 for spark plug replacement at Firestone complete auto care. I do go a little rough on the car but I do not track it. I thought $582 was a hefty price for...
1-19 of 52 Results