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  1. 3.0t
    So I wanna run the helmholtz exhaust and I also wanna replace my mid pipe. Any suggestions on which mid pipe to get. I also plan on getting ams downpipes
  2. Q50 Parts
    As LDPs seem to be getting scarce - I figure now might be a good time to share from my growing list of used parts. I have a set of used AMS LDP (ALP.28.05.0001-1) up in the attic. North Texas buyer would be easiest. They were on the car 2 years (with absolutely no issues.) FYI - I also have a...
  3. Q50 Parts
    Q50/Q60 Red Alpha VR30 Auxiliary Intercooler Pump Kit part#ALP.28.02.0003-1 $499.95 will sell for $400 + shipping
  4. Q50 Parts
    Hello all, I recently slid of the road in my infiniti just hard enough to deploy the passenger side airbags & as a result they totaled my vehicle. Insurance was generous enough to let me pull all of my performance parts off & put all the stock parts i kept back on. But anyways, As a result, im...
  5. 3.0t
    Hello I have a 2020 q50, I installed ams LDP and ams intake, I feel I lost some power in automatic, mainly torque, and in my 4th gear around 2-3k rpms when I gas it and hold it, it’s really slow/builds up differently. I know 2k rpms is a little low so no **** haha but also I slide my car a...
  6. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I want to improve my car horsepower, I have a couple of first mods that I want to do. I’m not sure if I want to do it in that order but I’m confused if I should spend more money and get Full Down Pipes or just get Lower Down pipes? 1. AMS Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit 2. FULL OR LOWER...
  7. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi every one i got a good deal and got used ams lower downpipe but there are no gaskits and conversation kit can any one guide me where i can order them from.
  8. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    So I have the 3.0t Q50!! I have on Remark Muffler delete right now on the car and I just bought Megan Racing Y Pipes and I’m just wondering what Downpipes will go better. also anyone know how to make 3.0t louder? I love 3.7 sound with test pipes.
  9. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Invidia Gemini Catback with AMS lower downpipes on 2018 Q50 Luxe. Other mods are AMS Heat Exhanger, K&N Drop-ins, and Ecutek Tune by Marin @ Goodspeed Performance Lab. VR30 Invidia Gemini Catback Sound Clip Sound clips link:
1-9 of 10 Results