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  1. Infiniti Q50 News
    Just got an email from AMS regarding their new LSD. Will be interesting to see how it performs versus competitors. Looks like a beautiful piece of hardware. "The AMS Performance Q50 & Q60 Rear Limited Slip Differential allows for quicker acceleration and faster cornering, no matter the road...
  2. Infiniti Q50 Pictures
    Should I get rid of my HKS BOV's and install my AMS intercoolers? I am RA500 ams currently. I also have the z1 intercooler hoses currently on the car, does anyone know if I can get these black ams hoses in red? They also say BOV's need to be removed, but why can't the fit? looks like there...
  3. Q50 Parts
    I bought this AMS stage 3 kit last summer, but sold the car for big SUV and took it off. The kit has maybe 3000 miles on it and everything works perfectly. The car was tuned by Specialty Z, I can send you all the maps. Maps installed were stock, 91 Octane Tune and 94 Octane tune. Kit was be...
    $2,050 USD
  4. Mows hailmary

    2021 q50 luxe Stereo mod list: Focal 6.5” component front with tweeters and pair 6.5” in rear. JlAudio fix 86 dsp Sony xmgs4 700 watt amp x4 Jl audio Xd600 600 monoamp Alpine type r 12” sub Engine: Ams intakes Ams hx Ark grip 2.5” exhaust PLM full dp high flow 300cell cat Ecutek aam performance...
  5. Q50 Parts
    Selling brand new Ams hpfp also have a few other parts for full fuel upgrade and e85. Selling the fuel pump for $1100 obo check my page for other items.
    $1,100 USD
  6. Product Review Section
    If you guys are trying to get the best 1/4 mile results out of your Q50/Q60 you should be looking at ways to improve your 60ft as it is an integral part of getting the best ET possible. In order to get the best 60ft your car needs to be able to make the most power it can and the surface can take...
  7. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I've had a BMS Hx on my car for 3 months. I decide to swap it out for an AMS (Infiniti branded) heat exchanger to calm down my anxiety about warranty work. Both heat exchangers I vacuum bled with an air lift. I then ran my pump at max for 3 minutes (ecutek) and had to top off once. I repeated...
  8. Q50 Parts
    selling brand new never used flex fuel kit and filter kit as combo or separate. 400$ flex fuel kit obo $250 fuel filterkit obo Ams low pressure fuel pump $200 all brand new brand new never installed have 2021 model so not compatible
    $650 USD
  9. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    so I've got an hks full catback on my 2017 redsport and have been waiting to buy some dp for a while, found some full racing dp from ams and I've ordered them but I haven't been able to find any sound clips of it anywhere. anyone running this combo themselves? id love to hear it
  10. Sold Ams 338hfp

    Q50 Parts
    Brand new ams high fp 338 Deciding on tuning with different spec. Dm for pics or negotiations
    $1,150 USD
  11. Q50 Parts
    Hi guys im selling brand new ams ldp and spool performance flex fuel kit thats brand new also pricing is Ams ldp $400 obo sold!!!! New never used Spool flex fuel kit with filter $380obo feel free to send me a pm thanks
    $380 USD
  12. 3.0t
    I have had my AMS performance expansion tank and heat exchanger sitting in my garage for about 6 months now. Now that the weather is getting nice I am in the mood to install them. Any tips for this job? I have heard it can be a pain to bleed the system correctly, tips and advice would be...
  13. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    Slightly used ams aux coolant pump or heat exchanger. Pm with offers please
    $375 USD
  14. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    If you need a stock heat exchanger make me an offer.
    $1 USD
  15. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hey gang - I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve typing this as I think about leaving this upcoming Saturday for my AMS trip! I’ve broken the trip into 2 days as I’m stoping in Des Monies Saturday night and completing the drive on Sunday to W. Chicago (dropping the car off at AMS on Monday AM). I...
  16. Q50 Parts
    I have every fuel part from AMS. Minus the new rails. I sold my Q before I got to use them. So these are brand new in box. Sitting in my closet collecting dust. Over $4600 in parts. I will let the whole thing go for $3900 shipped. This is a great package deal if you are just starting out. Or I...
    $1,000 USD
  17. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So I found the aftermarket exhaust I was to go with, it’s the ark performance exhaust. I have a 2017 Infiniti Q50 premium btw. What lower down pipes should I get with these? I was thinking of the ams straight downpipes but it seems they have different ones. When I asked ams through an email they...
  18. Q50 Parts
    Looking for used 2018 Red Sport Lower Downpipes. Tried to buy from AMS and a distributor of AMS and everything is 12+ Weeks delivery. Anyone in the market to sell their used ones, or any other reputable brand (Fast Intentions). Seller preferably located in the Chicago area for pickup.
  19. Q50 Parts
    I'm selling my AMS heatexchanger as it has never been used or seen any coolant for that matter. I don't plan on installing it anymore due to unforeseen issues that arose and need the money instead. I'm asking $650 OBO. I will upload pics as soon as I can.
  20. Q50 Parts
1-20 of 28 Results