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belt issue
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    I get a squeaking noise under medium load around 3000 rpm for about 2 seconds I’ve attached a picture of the belt I have a 2019 red sport
  2. Problems & Solutions
    So ive had a squeaky sound coming from my belt for awhile now. Everything i try seems to not fix the problem so hopefully someone on here has had experience with this situation or can give me some advice.. when i got the car i had a belt issue where it sounded really loud in cold weather and...
  3. Problems & Solutions
    Hi All, I recently just bought a 2020 Q50 Sport at 17k Miles and have been reading around about the belt issue. I've checked the indicator and it looks to be okay since it is in the middle and not on the right side. But I was looking at the actual belt and would need some advice on what I...
  4. 3.0t
    Hi everyone! New to the forums, and also new to the q50! I'm loving the car so far, and I scoured the community here before making my purchase (2016 3.0T Q50). It's a great place! I've noticed on and off that there's some sort of squeal when my car gets above ~2500 RPM. It's not super...
  5. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2016 red sport and bought with 8000 miles. I now have 37000 miles on it and have not had any belt issues and from what I hear that’s almost unheard considering the infamous breaking of the belt that often happens on my year in particular ... my question is should I have it changed out...
1-5 of 5 Results