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    Hello, I just realize Q50 exhaust sounds pretty quiet from stock. I'm looking to upgrade my exhaust system, to make it sound better (not necessary loudest). I really enjoy some deep and nice sound from exhaust, something that is not too loud since my car isn't a full blown race car or dyno...
  2. Q50 Parts
    Looking for a Fast Intentions CBE for my 2017 Q50s Sport. 10” or 14” muffler doesn’t matter. Resonated preferred but can go with non-resonated. I’m up in Canada so anyone selling one in Canada that would great, but buying from the US is fine! Thanks!
  3. 3.0T
    Sorry if I just wasn't thorough in my searching, but I couldn't find a great answer to this question: On a turbocharged car (q50 3.0tt AWD 2016), would a CBE require a tune? Would a CBE without a tune reduce the reliability of the car, or yield crappy performance over time as the ECU attempts...