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  1. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Hey Folks - hope everyone is well, been having a hell of a time with my suspension post upgrade and wanted to see if anyone has ideas. I've searched this forum for days around "clunking" and "clicking" noises, and while they all have been helpful, the shop wasn't able to resolve after reviewing...
  2. Problems & Solutions
    Recently have noticed a thud when starting the car first thing in the morning, felt through the brake pedal. Doesnt seem to happen throughout the rest of the day. Thoughts?
  3. Problems & Solutions
    I read up on couple posts on here about similar noises and didn't find much to something similar to my problem. there was only one person who has a good video posted about the noise its making and I'll share it below. A couple people suggested an oil change and some said stabilizer control...
1-3 of 3 Results