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  1. Problems & Solutions
    Hi all, I was attempting a DIY oil change and the wrench handle hit this tube causing a leak. I have a few questions I was hoping the community experts could help this novice DIYer - 1) What part is this? 2) Is there a way to fix it with something I can purchase at your local auto parts...
  2. 3.0t
    I have a RWD 2017 infinti q50 3.0t premium with just a jb4. I’ve been losing coolant and having my engine temperature go up for some time now. I’ve taken it in several times and passed the pressure test and internal leak test for coolant (so hopefully not a head gasket). This has me stumped...
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hey I'm just curious on 2 things after buying my Q50 RS. Has anyone drove side by side in and RS and non. My friend owns the premium versions while I own the RS but when we race he always takes off. Don't I have an extra 100 crank horse power?! It's not a timing thing like normal drag racing...
  4. 3.7
    Hey guys so i have a leak on my radiator and i’m not up for ordering one online and waiting for it to get shipped in 2-3weeks, id much rather look for a 370z or g37 one locally, swap it out and get it done the same day, but i’m not sure if they’d fit, but seeing as they’re basically the same...
  5. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Just had some general questions. 1. I have installed some HKS Blow Off Valves from Z1 motorsports over the weekend. Long story short I ended up having to take apart a coolant line which spilled coolant and required me to bleed the system(I guess). I have a vacuum lift kit but I don't know if I...
  6. 3.0t
    So I noticed my multi way control valve is leaking on my 17 q50RS. As shown in pic below. After doing research I am seeing this part in only few places. Can I just take the top of & reseal it myself? Or the only way to fix this is to replace the part?
1-6 of 6 Results