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    Hi every one i just got my ams heat exchanger and ams auxiliary intercooler tank. So i need to know after bleed how many gallons are required to get this 2 items and radiator to full level.
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    Guys, Im proud to say Im a 2019 Infiniti q50 luxe owner First Visit to mechanic I want to focus on cooling ( I live in florida) 1st visit) AMS heat exchanger . What else needs to be done here in the cooling department. Its hot here and i plan to maybe do a driving course after I finish my...
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    I’m currently running my base map with seb from specialty z right logs look good except my charge air coolant temperature is not moving at all. Its Been reading 70 or 75 from my cold start and and does not change through heavy load ( 2500 Rpm to redline ) ....I’ve done 3-4 runs one...
1-3 of 3 Results