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  1. 3.0t
    Just ordered both for my q50. Looking forward to hearing how it will sound. I really liked the sound of the plm axleback by itself but paired with the Megan ldp I wonder what it will sound like it. I was also thinking of adding a 2.5 x pipe with some 2.5 piping all the way through. Got some...
  2. 3.7
    So I've been wanting to get a new exhaust system for my Q50 and I don't want something as loud as a muffler delete. I took it to a muffler shop and one of the mechanics recommended that I take out the stock muffler and resonators and replace with a Magnaflow dual in dual out muffler. He said he...
  3. 3.7
    I want to get my car exhaust system done But do i need to buy test pipes or could i keep it stock? here is the setup i bought (flowmaster, res, borla xs muffler dual & then 2.5 exhaust tips) I took the speed culture route! Haha.. but anyways do i need a test pipe? i have a 2014 awd premium
  4. 3.0t
    Hey guys I'm tryna make my own custom 3inch exhaust for my 3.0T my idea is to use 3in pipe an X-pipe, 2 flowmaster super 44 muffler, my only issue is what flanges should I get for the exhaust to fit the stock catalytic converter? What is the diameter of the catalytic converter what flanges...
1-4 of 4 Results