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  1. 3.0t
    Hello guys, I own a FBO E85 upgraded turbo Q50 and I’ve decided to run dumps on my car. I purchased a 3 inch Y-pipe and put it on my car and i’m currently waiting for my tuner to send me the files for the new tune. I was curious if anybody in this forum had any experience running this kind of...
  2. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    Selling my VERY lightly used Remark Axleback exhaust. I had this installed for less than 100 miles before moving to a full CBE. The exhaust is like-new condition and is fully functioning. Flange/bolts not included. I’m located in Southern California. Willing to ship at cost of buyer to any...
    $200 USD
  3. Q50 Parts
    As listed, jb4 w fuel wires and Bluetooth . also selling OEM Infiniti sport exhaust as pictured. 400 for each or both for 700
    $400 USD
  4. 3.0t
    So, I finally got around to installing the FI exhaust along with AMS lowers. I'm not gonna tell you how the exhaust came packaged or how the entire install went as that's been documented to death. I do want to address a few things I noticed during the install and also how it sounds. Install...
  5. 3.0t
    Hi all, I’m working with a shop on a muffler delete for my ‘18 3.0T. I like the sound of a delete better than a flowmaster or any other options and I think it’s a good introductory step to taking the exhaust training bra off. I have the option of bringing my own exhaust tips to get welded on or...
  6. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I was looking into selling the full exhaust off my Q50 as I have swapped it for a catback and I was curious what they typically go for. The exhaust is from a 2018 3.0t and has around 30k miles on it. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2017 q50 3.0 and I was looking to get the ark grip exhaust on it. The 3.0 version with no resonators scares me a little bit as I really don’t want any drone. Has anyone put the 3.7 ark with the resonators on a 3.0? How would drone be with and without lower downpipes?
  8. Infiniti Q50 Videos
    I apologize I need better microphones to pick up the actual sound nevertheless it's a better idea than Just words on the screen. Shout-out to @SkylineDreamz. Any advisement is highly appreciated. I plan on making this car my own.. As another user Said it was probably returned back to stock...
  9. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    Selling a NEW in box Fast Intentions Cat-Back Exhaust: 14" Polished Stainless Steel Oval Mufflers / 14" Resonators / 4.5" Tips I paid $1600 + shipping, asking for $1400. Long story short, since I’ve ordered plans have changed and they are no longer needed. The CBE is currently at Racebox in...
    $1,400 USD
  10. 2.0t
    So I recently picked up the Tanabe Medalion Sports Muffler for my Infiniti q50 2.0T. It seems a little quiet and I can't really hear much of it in the car as well. Ideally I just want it to be a louder but not crazy loud (i.e. like a full decat to avoid running into any problems with emissions)...
  11. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    How’s it going forum, I recently bought a Fast Intentions (FI) Catted Downpipe (DP) that I plan to install on my stock exhaust. I do have a few questions and any bits or pieces of information would be greatly appreciated. 1. What hp gain can I expect from DP on stock exhaust? 2. How much louder...
  12. Q50 Parts
    Looking for full catless downpipes
    $600 USD
  13. What Did you Do to Your Q50 today
    A bit late posting but thought I would share some of the challenges I had installing my FI CB. I should note - what I'm sharing has nothing to do with the folks at FI or their product, all of this is completely on the installer - ME! 2018 RS AWD - installing the Touring FI CB ( resonated Y /...
  14. 3.0t
    So I wanna run the helmholtz exhaust and I also wanna replace my mid pipe. Any suggestions on which mid pipe to get. I also plan on getting ams downpipes
  15. Q50 Parts
    Hello, Im selling my factory catalytic converters from my 2018 Infiniti Q50 Luxe that had 20,000 miles on it when I took them off. I’m looking for $200 (reduced from $400) plus shipping from South Florida. DM me with any questions. Thanks, Cory
    $200 USD
  16. For Sale Borla sport CBE

    Q50 Parts
    Im selling my borla sport catback. It is just not my cup of tea. It has no drone or rasp after i added resonators but still to loud for my taste. I will cover shipping with a resonable offer. They are vibrant 12" resonators. I have the harmonizers also if you want to put them back in, but they...
    $1,300 USD
  17. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Anyone have trouble getting the bolts that come from the catalytic converter to the exhaust off? Everything else is off and ready to go on. The nuts are off I just can’t get the bolts with the round head to come out?
  18. Q50 Parts
    Exhaust has been on vehicle for 2 days. Need to go back to stock. Receipt from Auscarmods for proof of purchase provided. I waited 3months for item to arrive.
    $2,600 AUD
  19. Q50 Parts
    Not sure the proper place for this but I have a stillen catback exhaust and i’m not happy with the sound of it. Planning to mod the exhaust to make it louder but figured id see if anyone was interested in a trade. I’m located in NY. Open to any trade besides for a stock exhaust and i will...
  20. Q50 Parts
    Up for sale, used Helmholtz Axle-Back Exhaust, Infiniti Part # B0100-Q50S2 These things now go for 830.00 from Infiniti. These are about three years old but only have about 5k miles. I don't drive the car very much in the winter, so they're not in contact with much road salt (see images)...
    $450 USD
1-20 of 69 Results