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  1. FAQ and Troubleshooting
    Hello Q50 fam. I just bought a 2019 Q50 Lux 2 weeks ago. I installed Megan Y, eBay midpipe with the 2 resonators, and helmholtz axle back. When I accelerate hard or step on it I hear a few pops underneath the car. Sounds like at the y pipe to cat connections.
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    Found this axelback on FB marketplace for $200, got him down to $130, it's in pretty good condition. He said he'd installed that magnaflow muffler to help reduce drone that he said he got with the regular remark axel back. Just got her installed (sound clip below). Wayyyyyyy better than the soul...
  3. 3.0t
    2018 Luxe Q50, fast Intentions LDP’s finnaly came in, baby GTR sound has been achieved lol. I wanna have the exhaust as least restrictive as possible before I start tuning, currently have the LDP’s and Remark Axleback Muffler Delete. Would a mid pipe and Y pipe be neccesary to keep from...
  4. 3.0t
    So i’ve been trying to find a decent exhaust to run on my 3.0t looking for some input. I’ve read about it on facebook groups and watched plenty of youtube videos. I’ve narrowed it down to a stillen exhaust witch i like but am worried about drown and it seems to be quiet i also considered MBRP...
  5. 3.0t
    I’m just trying to figure out what exhaust to go with. If anyone could drop some video clips and what they have done id appreciate that. Thanks
  6. 3.7
    So I've ordered FI's CBE for my 3.7 because the VR30 community seems to swear by it, best quality and sound for the VR.. However, there doesnt seem to be alot of videos or testimonies on this setup for the VQ (like 2 videos on YouTube). Seems most recommend Ark or Motordyne (too pricey IMO), but...
  7. 3.7
    Noob question. I just got a 2015 AWD Q50 with the 3.7L, I'm thinking about ordering a catback and/or axel back exhaust for the car, along with a CAI, but I'm not sure if running these mods without a tune will do any damage to the car over time. Will I be fine without a tune? Will it throw any...
  8. Q50 Parts
    Hello, I’m listing for sell my two month old exhaust axle back. I live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I’m willing to ship atbuyers expense. $500 (paid $700) a couple months ago from Z1. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I had some questions regarding if any G37 axle backs or cat backs fit on q50s. I've only seen to find one, and they said that it fits but with minor modifications, and the hangers were all in the same place. Has anyone else used a g exhaust on their q?
  10. Q50 Parts
    WTB 2014-2021 Q50 OEM SPORT Helmholtz Exhaust KIT B0100-Q50S2 Located in SoCal (Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena and surrounding areas)
  11. 3.0t
    Hello, After a lot of back and fourth on what exhaust I wanted, ordering exhaust to find out they are months delayed I decided to get the Infiniti Helmholtz AB and have the Borla Dual in and out 2.5” which will be installed soon per Speed Culteres diagram. I must say the setup currently is much...
  12. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I’m new here. Just got a 17 q50 premium. After much research on this forum, for the life of me, I can’t seem to find an answer. The only thing that comes close is a post from 3 or so years ago. Maybe something has changed since then. I love the low end torque. I am not in love with...
  13. Q50 Parts
    SOLD Selling my Helmholtz axle back exhaust (B0100-Q50S2) with roughly 10k miles on it. $450 + half of shipping or local pickup (twin cities area, MN)
  14. Q50 Parts
    Hey guys, looking to buy a cat back exhaust system and down pipes. Preferably 3 inch DPs and MBRP exhaust but open to anything. Shipping to 33176
  15. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I have a '14 VQ37 currently set up with a Rev9 Axleback "muffler delete". I'd like it a bit louder, and instead of doing a full resonator delete (gross!) I was thinking of replacing the stock resonators with Flowmaster FlowFX. Was wondering if anyone has a similar setup, or can point me in a...
  16. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I love the exhaust note of my 3.7 with a muffler delete. But it's too damn loud. What can I install to make it less noisy? A resonator in each pipe? I don't want to modify anything before the axle. Don't want to spend big money (that's the whole point of the muffler delete) Thanks and I'm...
  17. Q50 Parts
    Everything from axle back, asking $100 + shipping or pickup (metro Detroit area) About 1/2 the price than eBay, need gone, no room in my garage to keep it anymore.
  18. Q50 Parts
  19. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    As I returned my invidia cutback last week I was thinking about spending the extra money and go with either MBRP $970 catback or the fast intentions exhaust$1300. I saw that they both don't have resonators which one comes with less rasp. I was also thinking of the MBRP and putting resonators...
  20. Q50 Parts
    What’s going on ladies and gents. Looking to pick up B0100-Q50SM or B0100-Q50S2 for 2016 Q50 3.0. I can grab it from infinity for around $500, but figured, if anyone close by wants to get rid of theirs, much rather save some money. Located in Portland, OR can come pick it up at reasonable...
1-20 of 42 Results