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  1. 3.0t
    So I wanna run the helmholtz exhaust and I also wanna replace my mid pipe. Any suggestions on which mid pipe to get. I also plan on getting ams downpipes
  2. Q50 Parts
    Up for sale, used Helmholtz Axle-Back Exhaust, Infiniti Part # B0100-Q50S2 These things now go for 830.00 from Infiniti. These are about three years old but only have about 5k miles. I don't drive the car very much in the winter, so they're not in contact with much road salt (see images)...
    $450 USD
  3. Q50 Parts
    I'm selling my Infiniti/Helmholtz axle back exhaust, it's been used for a year before upgrading to a turbo-back exhaust. I'm asking $300 OBO & buyer covers shipping.
  4. FAQ and Troubleshooting
    Hello Q50 fam. I just bought a 2019 Q50 Lux 2 weeks ago. I installed Megan Y, eBay midpipe with the 2 resonators, and helmholtz axle back. When I accelerate hard or step on it I hear a few pops underneath the car. Sounds like at the y pipe to cat connections.
  5. 3.7
    So Ive been running the Helmholtz AB for about a month now, sounds great mid and high range, but not so great down low. Seems very tone-less and droney when accelerating slowly. Anyways, I feel a loss of low end torque off the line when accelerating normally, seems almost bogged down or maybe...
  6. Q50 Parts
    Hello, I’m listing for sell my two month old exhaust axle back. I live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I’m willing to ship atbuyers expense. $500 (paid $700) a couple months ago from Z1. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Q50 Parts
    Hello I am looking for the Helmholtz Exhaust Kit B0100-Q50S2. I live in Hawaii and I'm willing to pay shipping. This is my last resort as every Infiniti is backordered 🙃
  8. Q50 Parts
    WTB 2014-2021 Q50 OEM SPORT Helmholtz Exhaust KIT B0100-Q50S2 Located in SoCal (Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena and surrounding areas)
  9. 3.0t
    Hello, After a lot of back and fourth on what exhaust I wanted, ordering exhaust to find out they are months delayed I decided to get the Infiniti Helmholtz AB and have the Borla Dual in and out 2.5” which will be installed soon per Speed Culteres diagram. I must say the setup currently is much...
  10. Q50 Parts
    SOLD Selling my Helmholtz axle back exhaust (B0100-Q50S2) with roughly 10k miles on it. $450 + half of shipping or local pickup (twin cities area, MN)
1-10 of 10 Results