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  1. Problems & Solutions
    I took my 2014 Q50 Hybrid to a mechanic to replace the driver seat since my other seats track motor failed. Now, my memory seat buttons won’t work at all and my automatic mirrors and steering memory are gone with it. The mechanics haven’t been able to diagnose the issue but these were working...
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I recently purchased a used jb4 from a reputable infinity eBay account. I installed brand new fuel wires to the Jb4 unit, but not to the car. Installed a brand new Bluetooth device, and a brand new obii wire. After starting up the car for the first time there were no check engine lights. Yet...
  3. Problems & Solutions
    Hi all, I just took my Q50 into the dealership because my driver seat hasn’t been able to move forward or back for awhile now. They said that it’s an issue with the motor that isn’t covered under the warranty and they will have to replace the whole chair for $2900. I’ve seen several people have...
  4. 2.0T
    hey guys ,does anyone know if there are any aftermarket headers out there for the 2.0t q50 ? and also i was planning on getting an aftermarket turbo as well so does anyone know any turbos that wold fit in the q50 .(the bigger the better)
  5. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So currently I have a 2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t with catless downpipes and fully straight piped and it sounds like absolute **** and hella raspy but I already knew that would be a problem with these engines. Anyone have any suggestions for aftermarket resonators or mufflers or anything that would...
  6. Hybrid
    First time poster. I've got a 2014 Q50 S Hybrid, who's engine light came on last week. Dealership tells me the battery needs to be replaced, due to "internal resistance." Was quoted about $14,000 for the replacement, and was wondering if anyone had run into this same issue and their experience?
  7. 3.0T
    I just got a JB4 kit, installed bms intakes at the same time when i installed my fuel wires i was reading about 10 afr which is really rich. I was wondering if this is normal? im on 91 octane in canada. without fuel wires it runs normal at 14.5 afr Thanks for the help :)
  8. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I just came into some rims, similar to the YouTube guy “speedculture’s” old ones. Mine are 18x8.5 ET 0, I think... I didn’t see anything else there, and the 0 looked a bit faded. Anyway, I’m wondering if those wheels will fit on my 2014 q50 premium, with no issues. Stocks were 17x7.5 et 45.
  9. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    What's up my Q50 brothers & sisters. I got a question that hopefully someone may know, I googled about this, youtube'd it and everything and I'm still stuck. I got my Q50 Sport a couple months ago and one of my biggest problems is the OEM Spoiler. I don't know how to take this off, I want to...
  10. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Within the last week, my 2015 Q50 with about 64k miles has randomly been flashing the Brake and traction control light at the same time and then going away about 5-10 seconds after. The car has had no drivability issues and I have checked all of the fluids multiple times but found nothing...
  11. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2015 Infiniti q50s. My dad had a lot of random cars that are for parts in his car lot. I was wondering if I can take a off a turbo or supercharger of a car would it fit or work on the q50? we have everything from a m2 to a Shelby. I really don't want to spend thousands on a turbo kit if...
  12. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So I am looking to buy a 2014 Q50. I have two options a 2014 Q50S AWD that has no technology package or anything just leather seats with 70,000 miles for $16,800. It is lowered has muffled delete and aftermarket rims. The other option is a 2014 Q50S AWD with 88,000 miles for $16,000 with every...
  13. Problems & Solutions
    Dear all, I came across this forum in search for help. My car endured serious damage due to malfunction of the engine - breakage of the crankshaft destroyed the entire engine, the cause of which is unknown. While driving the engine simply stopped working. Since the Infiniti is no longer in...
  14. Problems & Solutions
    Ive got a 2015 Q50 awd that has a burning smell coming from the rear wheel wells after i come to a stop. There are no noises coming from the car and it drives totally normal. Id say it smells like burning metal. The closest thing i can compare it to is the smell when you use a soldering iron...
  15. 3.0T
    Started 2 days ago drove my car for about 15min yesterday after hearing sun wierd noise when starting to accelerate,well I’ve been looking around and I may think it’s a engine knock but who knows I got a oil change like 2 weeks ago I don’t need a new one for another 8k miles here’s the video...
  16. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Does anyone know pr have a diagram of where all the sensors and modules for the electronic powersteering pump located?
  17. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Im looking into buying oem q50 fenders but everywhere i look it goves me a 2014-2016 and a 2017-2020 option, are they interchangeable?
  18. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I'm super new to this and I was looking at a JB4 Tune for my 2017 Q50 Silver Sport, I was if I would have to get better air intakes and or an intercooler if I got the tune. I know it's a very dumb question but I'm very new to this. Thank you
  19. 3.0T
    Hey Guys, Recently installed jb4 and followed the everything to the T, its pretty hard to mess up. I installed the connect as well with the cap, my phone "connects" to it and does the handshake, but none of the real time gauges are displaying. What did i miss here? Is it a matter of firmware...
  20. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi I got 19inch rims from my friend and he has gs350. He gave me his rims because he got other set for his car But Lexus has 60.1 center bore so wheels are 60.1 hub and q50 has 66.1.. I put spacers n it fit on my car n I love how it looks but the steering wheel shakes around 60rpm. /: I did tire...
1-20 of 20 Results