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  1. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    so I've got an hks full catback on my 2017 redsport and have been waiting to buy some dp for a while, found some full racing dp from ams and I've ordered them but I haven't been able to find any sound clips of it anywhere. anyone running this combo themselves? id love to hear it
  2. Q50 Parts
    2 HKS Blow off Valves Torque Solutions BOV Install Kit Pre Cut vacuum lines and all necessary parts for install JB4 with Bluetooth Module to use on your IPhone or Android, also has fuel wires included Complete Kit to install BOV’s and JB4 nothing else needed everything is included Willing to...
    $800 USD
  3. Q50 Parts
    Looking for resonated lower downpipe for 2018 Q50. Preferably HKS but if other brand, feel free to shoot. I live in Florida for pickup but I’m also open to go shipped if necessary.
  4. 3.0t
    Just a quick question. I just received my hks blow off valves and I’m currently installing them. I have the hose clamps that came with it but they don’t fit around the hose that the blow off valve goes onto. Did I relieve the wrong size clamps with my kit? I’m really confused here why it didn’t...
  5. 3.0t
    I installed some BOV HKS knockoffs. After install I am getting P0101 codes on Both banks. I triple checked my connections and do not see anything not snugged down or anything. Can these BOV’s be the issue themselves? Link to BOV below...
  6. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    just purchased hks blow off valves from concept Z performance and just about done with the installation ...due to the q50 engine bay being an absolute nightmare as far as tightness goes it taken more time then it’s suppose to take.just about done but I’m having issues getting the rear hose on...
1-6 of 6 Results