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  1. Problems & Solutions
    I was test driving a 2014 Infiniti q50 and after I drive it for a few miles and pulled back in my driveway the chassis control warning popped up along with a warning about the front sensor, before driving the car it had the key warning because he said the key battery’s are dying. Traction...
  2. 3.0t
    selling used jb4 for 250 obo lmk only getting rid of it cause i am tuned in ecutek now
  3. New 2014+ Q50 Vehicle Sales
    SOLD I am selling my 2018 Infiniti Q50 Luxe 3.0T. It has the 3.0 liter V6 with twin turbos. Black leather interior. The engine was just replaced with one with only 15,000 miles. It also has a 12 month warranty on the new engine. Dunlop sport tires are about 1/2 tread or a little less...
    $18,900 USD
  4. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I made them myself. cleared them myself
  5. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    My 2015 q50 has a bad acceleration issue it takes a long time to climb to normal speed it even sometimes gets stuck going 5mph no matter how much I push gas I see it’s a common issue but everyone’s solution is everywhere I am already down $2500 looking for solution any ideas on where I should...
  6. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi every one, i need help regards mixing of methanol 75/25. There are many videos and forums but i am not able to understand it and want to avoid any mistake. Can someone simplify tell me if i have 10LTR of gallon how many LTR of methanol and water should i add to get 75/25. Will really appreciate.
  7. 3.0t
    I hear a whine usually after a couple miles of driving. From 1-2k rpms whenever I let off on the gas it gives a whine / squeak sound. For reference, The Q50 has 80k miles and an oil catch can, muffler and resonators delete, lower down pipes, lpfp, heat exchanger, flex fuel kit, and tuned on e30...
  8. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So I painted this diffuser, cheap ABS plastic just to see what it's look like. The backdrop is oil rubbed bronze obviously fins are metallic silver.. Thoughts on how it looks on car would be appreciated. I'm going for unique here, yet elegant. Thoughts on other colors to consider besides the...
  9. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    My Q50 Red Sport was modded to Stage 1 & 2 from AMS and renamed Red Alpha. I currently have the ECUTek and the car was tuned. The car has the O2 Sensors and the Cat still on the car and hopefully working. The ECU is not registering a Catalyst and showing a Zero so i failed emmissions. I...
  10. Q50 Parts
    Brand new Fortune Auto Coilovers 500 series. Custom built Coilovers for Infiniti Q50 AWD. Never installed. Nothing wrong with the set. I ordered the wrong set. This will NOT work with the Sport/ Red Sport model. If you have Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS), the front fork is not compatible...
    $3,300 CAD
  11. Q50 Parts
    F/S: New BMS Intake system. W/O inlets. Only opened box to take the pictures. $300 shipped but willing to negotiate.
    $300 USD
  12. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    MAP sensor is bad and both turbos are bad and need to be replaced. Oil has gotten into the manifold. Car is under warranty. I was told today by Infiniti dealership that the MAP sensor is an aftermarket part and it could void the warranty and then no work would be done because warranty inspector...
  13. Problems & Solutions
    Ran a full diagnosis came back with ENGINE U1000-01 status 1t AIR BAG B1418-f0 status current HVAC B2631 current HVAC B2632 current HVAC B2633 current AIR BAG U1a10 current I have a pretty advanced scan tool but need help on where I should start. I change my own engines etc so I'm ready for...
  14. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    What is up fam! I had a question about radar detectors, if you guys run one what do you guys have or what do y’all recommend. I want a great one that can get me outta trouble. I know it won’t save me all the time.
  15. HP Tuners
    2021 Infiniti Q50/Q60 VR30 Support Introducing support for the 2021 Infiniti Q50 and Q60 with the VR30 An MPVI2 or MPVI2+ is required along with internet connection and the cost to license the ECM is 6 credits. Click here to purchase an MPVI2+ Click here to download the latest version of our...
  16. 3.7
    My transmission does not shift past 3rd gear. I purchased my car in 2018 and have never had my transmission serviced. In 2018, my car had 37000 miles, today it has 99860. Could I have ruined my transmission and now could I be looking at an overhaul or new trans problem? Share your thoughts
  17. Infiniti Q50 News
    So just a back story I have a 2016 Q50 3.0tt premium. I’ve had the car for a year bought with 36k miles and it’s tuff to say but two months after buying I got into alcohol deliveries (didn’t have another car) for an entire year after bought, currently at 70k miles and am starting to notice in...
  18. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I wanted to take an overdue opportunity to give a review and shoutout to Master-Certified Infiniti Technician @MobileTechGundam for his mobile auto service for Nissan / Infiniti vehicles. I ran into an issue back in June where the water pump went out on my 2010 G37 Sedan. I was returning...
1-18 of 18 Results