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  1. Want to Buy Air cleaner gaskets

    Q50 Parts
    What’s up! Looking for gaskets for OEM 3.0t air cleaners on my 2017 Q50. I have the red alpha intakes on currently but I need to swap out with my old OEM for emissions sake. Anyone selling or know temporary solutions? The dealer is telling me they’d have to charge me for brand new intakes...
  2. For Sale Misc Q parts

    Q50 Parts
    I have some misc parts for sale that are in great shape. If price does not say “Shipped” then I will need to calculate shipping for you. AMS fuel injectors brand new. $1k shipped over 700 off! Paddle shifters. Off Z34 will fit multiple models $40 shipped OEM engine cover...
    $50 USD
  3. What Did you Do to Your Q50 today
    What up q50 fam! I just installed these intakes on my q50 a couple days ago and these things sound vicious. You guys can follow along if you guys need some guidance, I posted the full video up on my YouTube channel. Check it out and let me know what you think! 💪🏽
1-3 of 3 Results