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  1. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hello enthusiasts finally got time to install the wires to the 02 sensors. Anything I need to do after wiring them besides enabling bit0 any other settings I need to adjust? Any info is much appreciated thanks in advance.
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hello q50 enthusiasts new member here not sure if im posting in the correct section I apologize in advance. Anyways just wanted to share that on monday I'm having these babies installed im so excited. The current mods I have are jb4 red alpha intakes, 1320 y pipe, custom cbe. Does anyone else...
  3. Q50 Parts
    Save $249 Price = $450 for JB4 with Bluetooth and Fuel Wires (selling WMI Kit with extra nozzles and inlets separately for $600, save $216+) Why am I selling? I just bought a 2021 Audi S5 and sold the Q50. Prefer local pickup in Philadelphia area. Otherwise, shipping will be extra.
1-3 of 3 Results