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  1. Q50 Parts
    LED Door Logo Light Projectors. Never installed, my buddy has them and they work great as seen in picture below. $35CAD OEM 2017+ Q50s 3.0T Heat exchanger. Selling for a peer since he upgraded. No damage, works fine. He wants $225CAD Located in Canada, can ship in Canada or to the USA at...
  2. Engine Performance Data Logs Discussion
    Curious what u guys are running for boost/fuel. This is my latest JbTune, runs very good. Its running around 17 psi boost pretty much on the “safe side”. Im currently waiting on full catless exhaust, and fuel pumps to make more power. Happy with the results, feel free to post maps and or...
  3. 3.0T
    New to JB4 and looking at logs, I have not found anywhere yet that explains these items that are being monitored, what are they measuring and what should I look out for? Also, what shows if the system is invoking knock retard. Thanks for the help. Fuelen WGDC IGN_1 (is this timing and...
  4. Q50 Parts
    Hello all, for sale I have a brand new JB4 tuner purchased directly from Burger Motorsports. The warranty is still in tact and the module has never been installed in the vehicle. Didn’t have time to install when first purchased and am now going a different direction with the build. The module...
  5. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I recently purchased a used jb4 from a reputable infinity eBay account. I installed brand new fuel wires to the Jb4 unit, but not to the car. Installed a brand new Bluetooth device, and a brand new obii wire. After starting up the car for the first time there were no check engine lights. Yet...
  6. Q50 Parts
    Hey guys, I am looking for a used JB4 with bluetooth for a 3.0t Q50. If anyone is willing to sell, lmk.
  7. Q50 Parts
    JB4+BT+EWG+FW Sold $475 shipped w/ paypal.
  8. 3.0T
    I just got a JB4 kit, installed bms intakes at the same time when i installed my fuel wires i was reading about 10 afr which is really rich. I was wondering if this is normal? im on 91 octane in canada. without fuel wires it runs normal at 14.5 afr Thanks for the help :)
  9. Q50 Parts
    Looking for a JB4 with Bluetooth. PM if anyone has one available
  10. Engine Performance Data Logs Discussion
    So, last week I took my car to the drag strip for the first time and I ran a ridiculous good number for my first time and being in 93 octane only. I've looked at the log but other than my timing (IGN_1) dropping from 7 to 4 I don't see any other concern. The timing did recover, but I read...
  11. Q50 Parts
    Decided to go with a full tune. Selling JB4 with untouched fuel wires and comes with the bluetooth kit. I've used it for less than 2 weeks. 550$ OBO
  12. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    550$ shipped or cheaper depending on shipping
  13. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So I was looking into purchasing a jb4 and saw that there's 2 options the CARB approved one or the one with fuel control wires. I was just wondering what is the main difference in between these and also I live in Florida so I don't think there's any emissions here in Florida. But yeah I was just...
  14. Q50 Parts
    For sale: JB4 Tune w/ Bluetooth 480.00
  15. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    My dude over here is a full time scammer. Scams multiple forums for easy money. He wanted to sell me a JB4. Whoever this is, they are active on other forums. Their previous profile has been deleted/banned so watch out for a new one. If anyone has any info on this people please message me, I am...
  16. 3.0T
    Im running jb4 map 3 on my stock q50ss whenever I step-down on acceleration car runs great but my problem is it will stay accelerating until I step on the brake and as soon as I release from the brake it will accelerate again by I pulled over put it in park and it will stay revs at...
  17. 3.0T
    hey guys I been trying to search around on the forums for a exact answer, its just a quick one, burgertuning offers the jb4 kit with wireless smart phone kit or bms data cable, cant choose both, I'm sure yes you can order the extra, I def want the smart phone kit but do I need the bms data...
  18. Q50 Parts
    Paddle shifter kit with pigtails if needed $300 shipped . From my old 2017 q50 non rs. Contact me @ 570 4 one 3 5 one 5 four . Located in hazleton Pa . Will ship paddles.
  19. 3.0T
    So I been using 93 octane since start, and I been playing around with map 3. What should I use with a stock 3.0t non redsport. I’m enjoying map 3, but I don’t want to hurt my baby since I’m stocked. Here’s a pic
  20. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I want to get your feedback on a log I just did on a 40 roll with jb4 map3 (with fuel wires) and 93 oct. AFR seems way too high when I let off the gas. just had parts installed today (FI cat back, LDP, Ams HE, Ams intakes)
1-20 of 32 Results