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  1. 3.0T
    I just got a JB4 kit, installed bms intakes at the same time when i installed my fuel wires i was reading about 10 afr which is really rich. I was wondering if this is normal? im on 91 octane in canada. without fuel wires it runs normal at 14.5 afr Thanks for the help :)
  2. Q50 Parts
    Looking for a JB4 with Bluetooth. PM if anyone has one available
  3. Engine Performance Data Logs Discussion
    So, last week I took my car to the drag strip for the first time and I ran a ridiculous good number for my first time and being in 93 octane only. I've looked at the log but other than my timing (IGN_1) dropping from 7 to 4 I don't see any other concern. The timing did recover, but I read...
  4. Q50 Parts
    Decided to go with a full tune. Selling JB4 with untouched fuel wires and comes with the bluetooth kit. I've used it for less than 2 weeks. 550$ OBO
  5. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    550$ shipped or cheaper depending on shipping
  6. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So I was looking into purchasing a jb4 and saw that there's 2 options the CARB approved one or the one with fuel control wires. I was just wondering what is the main difference in between these and also I live in Florida so I don't think there's any emissions here in Florida. But yeah I was just...
  7. Q50 Parts
    For sale: JB4 Tune w/ Bluetooth 480.00
  8. Infiniti Q50 Classified Forum
    My dude over here is a full time scammer. Scams multiple forums for easy money. He wanted to sell me a JB4. Whoever this is, they are active on other forums. Their previous profile has been deleted/banned so watch out for a new one. If anyone has any info on this people please message me, I am...
  9. 3.0T
    Im running jb4 map 3 on my stock q50ss whenever I step-down on acceleration car runs great but my problem is it will stay accelerating until I step on the brake and as soon as I release from the brake it will accelerate again by I pulled over put it in park and it will stay revs at...
  10. 3.0T
    hey guys I been trying to search around on the forums for a exact answer, its just a quick one, burgertuning offers the jb4 kit with wireless smart phone kit or bms data cable, cant choose both, I'm sure yes you can order the extra, I def want the smart phone kit but do I need the bms data...
  11. Q50 Parts
    Paddle shifter kit with pigtails if needed $300 shipped . From my old 2017 q50 non rs. Contact me @ 570 4 one 3 5 one 5 four . Located in hazleton Pa . Will ship paddles.
  12. 3.0T
    So I been using 93 octane since start, and I been playing around with map 3. What should I use with a stock 3.0t non redsport. I’m enjoying map 3, but I don’t want to hurt my baby since I’m stocked. Here’s a pic
  13. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I want to get your feedback on a log I just did on a 40 roll with jb4 map3 (with fuel wires) and 93 oct. AFR seems way too high when I let off the gas. just had parts installed today (FI cat back, LDP, Ams HE, Ams intakes)
  14. Q50 Parts
    Selling JB4 with Bluetooth module for $425. Located in SF Bay Area. Preferably local pickup. Message me if interested!
  15. My new q50 3.0t with jb4 my old genesis 2.0t stage 2

    My new q50 3.0t with jb4 my old genesis 2.0t stage 2

    Took this the day before I got rid of the genesis. I miss the car a lot, single turbo nosies and blow off valves, big back fires and 2 step, especially the manual. The love I have for my q 50 definitely out weighs that sadness. Man they look so good together wish I could of kept the genny as my...
  16. 3.0T
    Just picked up a 2018 q50 3.0 tt. need exhaust/ intake recommendations. anyone care to share some suggestions
  17. Engine Performance Data Logs Discussion
    Did some data logging after installing fuel wires. Afr seem a bit low for having fuel wires just wanted to make sure everything looked good in these maps. Will be running map 2 and 6 most of the time. Let me know if anything stands out and also if I should adjust my map 6 boost ramp. Also this...
  18. Q50 Parts
    Hey team! I’m in Los Angeles, CA and I’m looking for JB4. Preferably with Bluetooth. Local pickup preferred.
  19. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I live in a state where 93 Octane is readily available at almost every pump. A person I know with a Q60 says he is able to run 21 PSI on 93, but he has a fairly newer model, so I am not trusting his experience. Can someone who has put a few thousand miles on 93 tell me what your max SAFE PSI is...
  20. DIY Garage
    Here is a video for you all who are debating on getting downpipes! Very Informative