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  1. Problems & Solutions
    Had my engine replaced about 8k km ago and just recently I started to hear this weird noise. I know our cars direct injection is very noisy but this noise stands out, its a loud clunk over the loud ticking noise which is made by the injectors. I've been told that our cars make this noise and...
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Happy Sunday all. I was taking a cruise earlier today, as I was driving home I noticed minor knock (screenshot below). I was in M mode ripping around with 0 knock, last 10 mins of my drive I had the car in A. The moment I put it in A I noticed -0.3 of knock, first time seeing that. Anything to...
  3. 3.0t
    So I just got tuned about maybe 2 months ago by Branden from Btunedperformance and last week I noticed knock retard went up in the -6’s so I caught a data log and emailed it to my tuner. He said that it is actually slightly knocking (not audible) and it looks like a fuel systems issue due to the...
1-3 of 3 Results