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  1. 3.0t
    About to do an oil change. Read on Facebook people arguing these 2 oil types. So which one and does it matter. 2017 q50 premium rwd 3.0t thanks for any input
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi Everyone, Two months ago I purchased a 2018 Q50 and was offered this package: 72 months/ 60,000 miles- vehicle service contract- $2,569 60 months/ 50,0000 miles- maintenance contract $500 84 months- 999,999 miles- tire & wheel protection plan $926 Total: $3,995 At the time, it sounded...
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Just looking to get some advice on preventative maintenance. Purchased my 2014 Q50 3.7 base AWD from a family member. Has about 115k mileage on it currently. No maintenance has ever been done besides battery replacements, brakes, and oil changes/filters. What preventative maintenance should I...
1-3 of 3 Results