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  1. 3.0t
    Just wanting to see if anyone happens to know if I can use Nissan oem atf for the initial fill and drain/s, and final fill using motul atf. I would not be “mixing” the fluids, only using oem atf to save money, but after fully draining, I’d do the final fill with the motul. I’m pretty sure this...
  2. 3.0t
    About to do an oil change. Read on Facebook people arguing these 2 oil types. So which one and does it matter. 2017 q50 premium rwd 3.0t thanks for any input
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    About 3 weeks ago I made a post about my Q50 smoking after speaking to my tuner and some other fellow infiniti techs I was suggested to try to convert the car to Amsoil 5w40 and a Qt of Lucas Oil stabilizer ever since I did the change not even a little hint of smoke has come out of my exhaust if...
  4. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I changed my oil about 2k miles ago but i always hear people say change it every 3-3.5k , 4k, and now my dad says every 5k since it is synthetic oil. What would you guys recommend?
  5. 3.0t
    I’ve had an ongoing issue with my 2017 Q50 300hp (80,000 miles). The coolant level drops until the car starts to run hot and the fan runs like crazy. Only the level in the bigger reservoir thats closest to the front of the car drops, the smaller reservoir seems to stay the same. I add coolant to...
1-5 of 5 Results