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  1. Problems & Solutions
    Hi, to day i was driving on the motorway first 200km/h without any issues then i slowed down and went back to 160km/h at the moment I hit it, I lost power, the check engine light appeard dn at the display start/stop on. The issue codes were P0087/P0087-91 und P13E7. I cleared them and went back...
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Anyone have an idea whats happening with my Q50. Its a 2018 3.0t a lease still under warranty 18,900 miles. Its been sitting about a week, the weather has gotten cold. After warming it up a little i took it for a spin late last night and i noticed it was not taking power like it normally does...
  3. Problems & Solutions
    Hi i'm new to any kind of forums, I bought my 2015 Q50 Premium about a little less than a year ago with roughly 38k miles on it. When i first bought it the power felt amazing considering I had switched over from a 2010 Honda Civic, and so the transmission and everything in the Q50 felt amazing...
1-3 of 3 Results