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  1. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Alright folks, I recently removed my fender and trunk emblems (3.0T S, AWD, and trunk Q50S). I really like the clean look, so not really looking for comments on that front, but feel free. What I want to discuss is replacing the trunk Q50S on a red sport with the JDM version 400R. How does this...
  2. New 2014+ Q50 Vehicle Sales
    2018 Infiniti Q50s Red Sport RWD Twin Turbo, 400hp Adult driven Never wrecked Garaged day and night Custom Asanti 20" Wheels with 285mm tires RS-R Lowering Springs Black front grill Parking sensors Collision warning Bose sound system Tint Miles: 25,750 $32,995 obo In DFW area * Please email...
  3. 3.7
    So I let my mom take my 2018 Q50 Red Sport to go get grocery’s today because her car is getting fixed from a car accident & she’s used to always pumping regular gas in her car so she forgot to put premium in mine & put a half tank of regular gas ... Should I be worried ??????
1-3 of 3 Results