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  1. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Nothing better than a good old DIY when looking to save time and money. Pulled this one off after work today, took me 1 1/2hr to get it done right. Paid $100 for the Ceramic Brake Pad kits and some elbow grease. Happy with the finished product, ready to do some ripping.
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Just looking to get some advice on preventative maintenance. Purchased my 2014 Q50 3.7 base AWD from a family member. Has about 115k mileage on it currently. No maintenance has ever been done besides battery replacements, brakes, and oil changes/filters. What preventative maintenance should I...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello everybody, My Q50 is nearing 60k (currently at 53k miles). I am planning on keeping this car till the wheels fall off so I want to be meticulous with maintenance. I currently change the oil at 5k intervals. Therefore I have a few questions: Should I do a transmission flush or a...
1-3 of 3 Results