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  1. 3.0t
    Sorry if I just wasn't thorough in my searching, but I couldn't find a great answer to this question: On a turbocharged car (q50 3.0tt AWD 2016), would a CBE require a tune? Would a CBE without a tune reduce the reliability of the car, or yield crappy performance over time as the ECU attempts...
  2. 3.0t
    I’ve had the pleasure of owning a 2016 q50 redsport for about 3 years now and I’m approaching The 45,000 mileage mark . I bought The car with only 8,000 miles and with roughly 37,000 miles under my belt I I’ve had minimal issues. I blew out 2 tires with those garbage Dunlop run flats which I...
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    New to this so bare with me. I have a 2017 q50 3.0t that has just passed the dealer warranty of 60k miles. i bought the car used & have kept up with the maintenance. now i’m thinking about getting a ecutek tune to make a bit more power. i would be installing ldps & intakes also some wider wheels...
1-3 of 3 Results