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  1. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Got an email from Z1 that they had released a new package and it seems pretty decent tbh. $899.99 for a tune that claims an average of 100hp/tq gains and an option for $200 to go to level 2(I don't think they give you the downpipes after re-reading)...
  2. Q50 Parts
    Selling my Jb4 used flawlessly in my Q50 Red Sport for 3 years. I'm now ECUTEK tuned (Btuned) and no longer need this unit. Included: JB4 Unit Fuel Wires (Installed) Original Data Cables Posi taps Price: $350 Shipping: Continental U.S. Only
    $350 USD
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    So I’ve been trying to find information on running e30, I have found a lot of information on why not to do it, but from what it seems nobody is talking about running e30 with a flex fuel kit and tune. The conversations I am seeing are on stock fuel lines. My questions is how reliable is running...
  4. Engine Performance Data Logs Discussion
    Hello friends, I decided to go over my most recent log tonight (first time actually looking) and saw some alarming numbers that just don't make sense. I am nearing the end of my remote tune and am on version 5. I think my mod list should be correct in my signature, so I'll just add that I'm on...
  5. $400 USD
  6. Q50 Parts
    Searching for a aftermarket q50 exhaust. It’s for my new 2022 q50 and the sound from the OEM exhaust is too quiet. Located around Chicago suburbs. Shipping and pickup allowed pickup preferred if nearby.
    $10 USD
  7. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone wondering if anyone could help me out real quick. i have a AWD 16 red sport with stillen CBE AMS HEX AMS LDP Stillen CAI. I was thinking about a tune but wasn’t sure if I’m ready for it, it’s a bit pricey and I started school again so not working as much so I was thinking about the...
  8. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Which plug and play tune is best? I’ve seen positive reviews from both, but I’m trying to get the best one. Anyone have any advice on which to buy? i have installed a heat exchanger, BOV’s, cold air intake, a full catback exhaust, and more.
  9. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2017 3.0t signature edition Q50 and was wkndering if the Z1 Q50 3.0T Performance ECU Tune woudl be good for my car? I’ve done quite a bit to my car like BOV’s air intakes, heat exchangers, catback exhaust, and more and was wondering if this tube would still work for my car? I’m looking...
  10. Engine and Technical Discussion
    How can you tell if you have a bad tune? Also if a well reputable tuner doesn't offer the right tune for you and does it anyway, which now leads to a bunch of problems, are they at fault in any way.
  11. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    What is the difference between JB4, ecutek, or going into a shop for a tune? Idk what the differences are between these. Would a shop use a jb4 or ecutek or do they use something else. I see a lot go with ams ecutek and others go with jb4. Also do these come with instructions. I’m really kinda...
  12. 3.7
    Hey guys, I've had my Q50 3.7 AWD for a coup[le months now, and my end goal is making it one of the fastest ones out there without adding turbos and supercharges, etc. I'm looking for the safer option seeing as my engine only has 43K miles. I've got a muffler delete and that's it. I plan to get...
  13. 3.0t
    Hey gang - I’m getting my ‘21 Q tuned tomorrow by the guys I do business with in Colorado. As this is my first project car, you can imagine this is my first custom tune. I’ve had the JB4 for the past few months and have really appreciated the increased torque, I have a RS so the whp didn’t jump...
  14. Q50 Parts
    I'm selling my JB4 with fuel wires and Bluetooth dongle for $500 OBO. I got my AMS remote tune in progress and have no need for it anymore. Will upload pics asap, any questions feel free to ask! Thanks
  15. Dynos and Racing
    I finally got my car tuned went with Rs-enthalpy based in Tampa was able to get 475Hp 507Tq on 93 Pump gas and 500Hp 515Tq on E60 on stock turbos the experience and customer service from Martin before and after the tune has been out of this world I am really glad I chose him as my tuner if...
  16. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    About 3 weeks ago I made a post about my Q50 smoking after speaking to my tuner and some other fellow infiniti techs I was suggested to try to convert the car to Amsoil 5w40 and a Qt of Lucas Oil stabilizer ever since I did the change not even a little hint of smoke has come out of my exhaust if...
  17. DIY Garage
    I have a 2017 Q50S with the vr30ddtt and I’m looking to start getting some better performance from it so I was wondering if anyone had some good insight on where to start and if there’s anyone in San Diego that can give me a bit of a rundown on how and where to start. This isn’t my first build...
  18. 3.7
    Noob question. I just got a 2015 AWD Q50 with the 3.7L, I'm thinking about ordering a catback and/or axel back exhaust for the car, along with a CAI, but I'm not sure if running these mods without a tune will do any damage to the car over time. Will I be fine without a tune? Will it throw any...
  19. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    I was wondering if any one could point me in the best direction for the Go To Tuner in Florida.
  20. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone, I just got my first tune file from my tuner and after I flashed it to my ECU, I did some data logging. (3rd gear, 3000 rpm to redline and 4th gear, 3000 rpm to redline) I don't know how to read these data logs. What should I be looking for that can hurt my car? Over-boosting of...
1-20 of 39 Results