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    I was wondering if any one could point me in the best direction for the Go To Tuner in Florida.
  2. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I want to get your feedback on a log I just did on a 40 roll with jb4 map3 (with fuel wires) and 93 oct. AFR seems way too high when I let off the gas. just had parts installed today (FI cat back, LDP, Ams HE, Ams intakes)
  3. Q50 General Discussion Forum
    Hi guys, I have been looking into getting either JB4 or EcuTek tuners, but the only thing holding me back is my warranty...if I just remove the tuner before I give it to the dealer for service, is it detectable? Will InTouch services flag something as well? Would you guys reccomend JB4 or...
  4. 3.0t
    I own a 2016 Infiniti Q50 and I’m interested in buying parts that would allow me to backfire/get that popping noise. I am not a car guy at all so I have no idea what I’m talking about. I know that there are only a few discussions on here about backfire, but I didn’t get all the information I...
1-4 of 4 Results