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I apologize
I need better microphones to pick up the actual sound nevertheless it's a better idea than Just words on the screen. Shout-out to @SkylineDreamz. Any advisement is highly appreciated. I plan on making this car my own.. As another user Said it was probably returned back to stock prior to reselling it and was never put together properly. Plan on a new exhaust intercooler and intake regardless. But for the winter as it stands. For the time being it seems that has Resulting in excessive noise. Then again I've never owned a vehicle of this caliber so the only reference point I have is a 4-cylinder cheap commuter cars. The video is kind of backwards but it goes over idling revving in 2 places as well as acceleration and slow cabin. I feel like I need to either realign or fix my downpipes or there is a hole somewhere in the exhaust. Or maybe I'm just not used to cars being that aggressive. You tell me. Link 👇

It's a little vid thrown together and backwards but covers all the different concerns. Your advisement is highly appreciated. 2018 q50 S luxe
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