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I'm selling the accessory wheels I impulsively bought for my Q50. They're OEM (Nissan / Enkei wheels, part number 999W1-J2019) 19" x 8.5" with center-caps included. No TPMS. They're still new in the box (boxes opened for inspection and pics only) however one has a *very slight* chip in it from what I can only assume was shipping damage from when I ordered them. It's less than the size of a dime, although the closeup pics makes it look a lot larger than it really is. Some people call them black chrome, others call them bright chrome - I had the same rims (18" version) on my previous G37 coupe that I loved and included a pic of that as well for a poor reference :)

I'm asking $1,500 (which is less than I paid for them b/c of the chip) plus shipping, or best offer. He11, I'll even throw in the cute little Infiniti valve stem caps. If you PM me your address I should be able to quote shipping charges exactly with insurance. The boxes are about 33 lb a piece.

Thanks -


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