Complete set of wheels/tires. Great fitment for Q50/Q60. I bought it all new, $2,200 setup new 1 year ago. These wheels new run $1,300 for a set and the tires run about $220/ea new. I am asking about half price of new which seems fair. This setup looks aggressive and still looks great on stock suspension. I'm in Inland Empire/San Diego area and I would probably drive 50 miles or so in any direction to meet you.

This is a thread I started when I bought them new- ESR RF2 19x8.5 +30 with 255/40R19

19x8.5 +30mm ESR RF02 Graphite wheels, zero curb rash or road damage. These clear AKEBONOS big brakes without spacers.

255/40R19 Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 (UHP all season, 50k treadwear), one tire has patch in safe tread area installed from reputable tire shop. Tires are at 0.2" tread now, new they are 0.3", so they are at 65% tread, rotated and balanced and even wear. I put about 15k on them. Easily good for many more miles.

Tires are mounted and balanced with standard valve stems in (TPMS removed). You could drive them as-is and when you have a moment have a shop swap your TPMS sensors over cheap.

It's a great setup, no complaints. I would be willing to dismount tires and sell just wheels for $800.

Here it is on stock suspension:

And on lowered suspension