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19x8.5 ET 35 square setup on AWD?

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I found a set of wheels that i like, but they only offer a 19x8.5 in ET 35, I am thinking that on a AWD, non lowered sedan, they may stick out a bit in the rear? DOes anyone have any idea on the fitment of these wheels on the Q50?

They do offer a 19x9.5 ET20 or ET40, but since i have no idea with offsets, I do nt know which would look better and also, I think that a 245 or 255 series tire will look a little bit stretched on that size wheel? I am not really interested in putting the (i beleive) standard 245/275 tire combo as there is no need for a 275 tire on this particular car, so I am looking to go with a square setup that will look a little more aggressive than stock, but definitely not poke out or require a lowering to make it look 'right'.

Thanks for all your input!!
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Go with 9.5 +40 all around! That should look more flushed than the 8.5s
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