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New is attractive, but also confusing
by Mike Schlee

Why Q? That question has been haunting Infiniti over the past year like a bad smell that can’t be removed no matter how much Febreze is doused on the offending odor. Ever since the manufacturer announced a wholesale change to the naming convention of all Infiniti models, people have been scratching their heads; why now? Why Q?

Well, the answer is simple. Infiniti wants to expand, and wants to expand big. Looking globally, it’s poised to add several new models to the lineup including a new premium compact and new halo/aspirational vehicles. The problem is, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, and most are spoken for by other manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz uses A, B, C, E, S as well as many others and BMW has a few trademarked letters like M, X and Z. Infiniti decided that rather than scrounge whatever left-over letters hadn’t been spoken for yet, it would use the one trademarked by the company for a long, long time; the letter Q.

All cars will begin with the letter Q, followed by a series of numbers ascending in correspondence with vehicle base price. Likewise, all crossovers and SUVs will begin with QX and ascending numbers according to their base price. For 2014 all models will gain this new naming convention, regardless if there are any significant changes to the vehicle or not.


At first glance the new Q50 is somewhat familiar looking. Riding the same 112.2-inch wheelbase as the outgoing G37 sedan, the new car is within a few inches of the vehicle it replaces in every dimension.
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