Mileage:120000 M
Trim:Hybrid Sport
I bought this car 4 years ago as a CPO car. I'm the second owner. The car has been exclusively serviced by Infiniti over its entire life. Fully loaded with adaptive cruise, dimming side mirrors, etc. If you know these cars, you know the options and it has every one. This is the Hybrid version which in my opinion is one of the most underrated cars ever made. It is capable of getting 30+ MPG on the highway, and when you want to drive fast, it pulls hard. Crazy torque and great horsepower that feels great and is faster than the 3.0tt cars. The car is clean, but has a ding in the rear quarter panel that can be fixed by any paintless dent repair place. The other major issues is the wheels. They will need to be reconditioned, painted, or replaced because of curb rash. Full tune up was just done at 110K miles. Was $1,700 at Infiniti. I have receipts for all service that was done.

Upgrades include a Stillen rear sway bar and an Infiniti sport exhaust, the car sounds great and handles incredibly well. I have a new shock tower brace in the trunk which can be installed by the new owner. I have also fitted a spare tire kit into the truck which the car didn't come with because it wore run flats from the factory.

The only bad thing about the car is the carfax. It has 3 incidences on it. One was when someone hit me in the back and scrapped up the bumper. The next one was when the adaptive cruise camera went bad, and because it was $2500, I put it through insurance. The third was when someone hit the front bumper while the car was parked. All repairs were made with OEM parts. None of these incidences had anything to do with any structural part of the car. Clean title.

As for the hybrid system, there are plenty of people on here where the car runs great well into the 150K and up range. I have noticed that the battery doesn't hold as much of a charge as it did before, but I'm still getting 27mpg driving 70mph on the highway everyday and the rest of the time in traffic around town. And when you need to change lanes, its a bullet. There are replacement cells out on the market, and you only have to replace the cell that went bad if it happens, not the whole bank. But again, everything works great currently.

I absolutely LOVE this car. It has ruined me for all of the other cars I've driven from Infiniti, Audi, and Genesis. The immediate acceleration is awesome, even at 120K miles on the clock. Ask any questions you might have. I would love for it to go to a good Infiniti lover's home.