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I had the Stillen intake on my 350Z (along with many other mods), but never touched the G. I know there were fairly substantial gains with their long-tube system. Any of you soon to be former G owners have an intake? Will you be doing it to the Q? You know it's coming. Likely sooner than later, I should think, what with the engines being the same. Should only be a matter of fitment, yes?

For the Z driveline, I had the intake, the Motordyne upper/lower plenum, the Stillen exhaust, the Nismo clutch and lightweight flywheel, lightweight pulleys, and a stand-alone ECU with everything tuned on a dyno. And oh what a difference it made. Took me from a vanilla pull of 232 to a tuned pull of 278 on a 95F summer day (with heavy 19" TSW wheels).

With the G, I bought child car seats (X's 3), a crib, a changing station, a pack-n-play, a diaper genie, and many... many diapers. But that's all over with. So, when the parts do roll out, should I bother?

An intake set, a grounding kit... that's reasonable, I think. I'd like those Vossens... but the wife wants a new kitchen. I'd like an ARK exhaust, but I like a baby sleeping on rides better. Well, we'll just have to see.
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